About Us

Marla and I had a week to kill in September of 2016 and we wanted to go somewhere that we had never been before. We settled on something really different and new for us : Nashville and Memphis. We became fans of country music and had a wonderful time. Both locations were very cool.

Boots, Bars and Bands on Broadway.

Our first outing in Nashville was on Broadway street or Music Row which was only a short walk from our hotel.


As we approached there was a magnificent building arising into the sky that looked like a Batman silhouette. It was the ATT  building and it set the tone for how metropolitan Nashville is.


Music Row had bar after bar of country music being played, and being played well. We wondered how many future music stars were there hammering it out at the local scene paying their dues. It was also cool to see photos in the bars of musicians who had played there earlier in their careers.


There also was no shortage of neon on Broadway either.




We went bar hopping into places such as Tootsie’s and the Tequila Cowboy . Most of these honky tonks were packed to standing room only ….. and it was only in the afternoon, on a weekday!

I was enjoying the fact that in most all the bars the band played in the front and the drummer was often in the window of the bar. Many bands would cycle through during the day to keep the music flowing. 


There were also Party Bicycles cruising the streets. A Party bike is a 12 seat bike , four wheeled bike that your group can rent with a bar in the middle. We saw many bridal parties pedaling and drinking have a great time, if they remembered it.